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Simple Ways to Fix Up Your Smile

Everyone loves having a nice smile. It is the best feature on our faces and is usually the first impression we give. Having neatly aligned or white teeth gives us confidence and improves our self-image. However, while only some of us are blessed with great teeth from birth, many of us have had braces, whitening or some sort of procedure done over the years in order to fix how our smiles appear.

While every smile is beautiful in its own way, sometimes a small fix is needed in order to improve how we feel about ourselves. Many adults who may have not gotten their teeth corrected consider living life as normal as they are afraid of either wearing braces or obvious contraptions as adults. However, with the improvements in dental practices and technology teeth fixes are honestly very simple. Here are some of the simple ways to fix your teeth.

Teeth whitening

Pearly whites are beautiful but let’s admit it, not all of us have them. Whether it is genetics, constantly eating food that stains teeth or even just bad oral hygiene teeth can become discoloured over time. Teeth whitening are one of the most common forms of cosmetic dental Melbourne dentists offer. We don’t intend you end up looking like Ross from FRIENDS after he got his teeth whitened, but a natural look is always advisable.

Gum Contouring

Teeth are not the only things that people tend to be insecure about. Gums too can contribute. Large gum visibility can make people conscious about how their smile appears and in turn contributes to how they feel about themselves. Gum contouring is a procedure of making excess gums less visible so that your smile looks more balanced and propionate.

Gap fixing

Gaps are truly one of the most disliked features in our teeth. Regardless of where the gap is people can become highly insecure about it. However, if you are an adult and do not want to go through the effort of wearing extremely obvious braces and retainers, gap filling is your solution.

This works perfectly if you have small gaps you like to cover. The procedure involves filling in the gaps to look like your existing teeth. It is also made to match the colour of your teeth so it does not look at all obvious. It is an easy fix for all those small gaps.


Veneers are honestly your friends if you need your teeth to look great all the time. They are a shell like covering that is fitted on to your tooth so that your tooth appears white and clean. If you have discoloured or even chipped teeth, veneer does a great job of covering them up. In face they look very real and you would not be able to tell the difference.

Everyone is entitled to having a pleasant smile; we are all entitled to look and feel great. Therefore, here are a few of the procedures you can choose from to make that happen.

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