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Debunking Popular Misconceptions about Vaping

Vaping is slowly being considered as an alternative to smoking because of its numerous advantages such as it’s not as smelly as a cigarette, and the people around you are in less risk of second-hand smoke.

Still, there are those who are not convinced about vaping and there have been popular misconceptions about it that makes people doubt it. In order to make sure that you are well informed about vaping before you choose to do this, read about popular misconceptions about vaping and what is the truth behind it.

Vaping Will Not Harm Your Health

Vaping is still harmful to your health but is still considered to be safer compared to traditional smoking because it does not produce tar and does not burn tobacco. Vaping also exposes you to lesser toxic chemicals than with cigarettes. Since vaping is still not 100% safe, it is recommended that you purchase your vaping device, accessories and Vape Juice from a trusted manufacturer.

Don’t buy from a friend’s friend or someone you just met since you could not guarantee the safeness of the product. Once you have bought from a legitimate seller, make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instruction on how to use the device. Do not modify or add substances that the maker of the device did not certify. Not only will this damage your device but it might cause you more physical harm.

Vape Is an Explosive

There has been news about vaping devices exploding. People became afraid that the vaping device would suddenly explode while they are using it and causing them to be permanently disfigured. Yes, there have been cases where vaping devices exploded or caught fire but the reason for this is that the device has been handled improperly. Vape devices or e-cigarettes needed to be charged before it is used and the cases of the devices exploding is because of overcharging or using a charger that is not what the manufacturer advised to be used with the device.

Vaping Will Help You Stop Craving for a Cigarette

This is a case-to-case basis but there have been a significant number of people who managed to quit altogether after switching to vape. Vaping devices still have nicotine, the cigarette compound that is addictive. There is no guarantee that for you, you would be able to quit but with vaping, you would manage your nicotine craving better than cigarettes.

The juices used in vape devices vary and there are those with lesser nicotine than others. You could start with a juice that has a nicotine level the same as your usual cigarette then you could gradually lessen it as soon as you become more accustomed to a lower level of nicotine and if it is your goal to quit, perhaps you would eventually.

When you made the choice to switch to vape, do your research beforehand since there are numerous types of vaping devices to choose from. If you are a light smoker, a vape pen is more advisable whereas a pod system or a mod is more suitable for those heavier smokers.

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