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The Benefits of Skylights in Residential Architecture

The use of natural light is a big part of residential architecture. It can help create functional and comfortable spaces. Skylights are an incredible architectural element that can help you enjoy natural light and ventilation even in the most compact spaces. In addition to improving aesthetics, the energy efficiency of your home will also increase.

Natural light is valuable for compact living spaces

As it can create the illusion of space and improve the overall ambience of the space. With skylights, light will enter the space from above and this will flood the room with soft light. It will brighten dark corners and reduce the need for artificial light during the daytime. This can help save energy bringing your utility bill down. Every little bit of space is important when it comes to a small space and bringing in light through a skylight will help expand the room visually. Your eye will be drawn upwards when there is a skylight and it can create a sense of height and openness. The space will feel larger than it actually is. Having this vertical expansion will help get rid of feelings of claustrophobia. Your living environment will be welcoming and comfortable. Air flow and ventilation will be improved with the addition of a Velux skylight Perth. You can use this in areas where the airflow is limited such as a small closet area.

Many skylights are designed to open and close

So that they can bring in fresh air inside and allow the stale air inside to escape. This can help improve air quality inside and regulate the levels of humidity and temperature. Natural ventilation will create a comfortable living environment and decrease the need to have mechanical ventilation systems. Architectural interest of your house is increased with the addition of skylights and it can bring some visual drama to your living area. They will be focal areas and draw the eyes of a visitor. You can have them installed in a flat roof, sloped ceiling or a vaulted ceiling. They can also be customised according to the style and design aesthetic of this space. For example, you can install skylights in a minimal, modern or traditional space. You can also explore your creativity with this by creating roof lanterns, sun tunnels and light wells bringing character to the space.

You can have the project overseen by an architect or an interior designer

They will help ensure that the skylight is added in a seamless way especially if you are making the alternation to an existing house. This is a great renovation step to take to bring life and vitality to cramped interiors. You can also have this included in a new construction project so that you can make the most of your space. Your living spaces will also be connected to the outdoors with the addition of a skylight. You can enjoy the views of the stars, clouds and the sky throughout the day. You will see how it lightens in the morning to the reds and oranges in the evening and the twinkling stars at night. This glimpse of nature can give a sense of tranquillity to your living spaces.

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