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Compact Bathroom Vanities for Small Homes

Small homes come with a set of unique challenges but they can also be quite convenient to live in as there is less maintenance to be done. It is a sustainable option for living as you are using fewer materials and have a smaller footprint. In this article, we are looking into how you can choose a bathroom vanity to a compact space.

The size of the bathroom vanity is an important consideration

And when you have a small bathroom, you need to look for compact Timberline vanities that will fit into available space without overwhelming the bathroom. To ensure that you select the right size, you will need to measure the dimensions of the bathroom so that you have enough space to manoeuvre around the space. You can look for narrow or shallow vanities so that floor space can be maximised without affecting storage capacity. An ideal option to consider in small bathrooms is wall mounted vanities. These are also called floating vanities and they can save space as they don’t take up any space on the floor. This will make cleaning easy and it will also create the impression of a larger space as the floor will extend right to the wall. You can also install the vanities at a height that is comfortable to you so that your needs are taken into account.

Storage is an important consideration when it comes to bathroom vanities

While you need to look for compact vanities, you have to look for options that comes with built-in storage features like cabinets, shelves or drawers so that you can keep towels, toiletries and other essentials. These will also be easily accessible when you have storage capacity. There are multifunctional bathroom vanity designs that can help maximise vertical space or have hidden compartments, pull-out organisers etc. to maximise storage. You can also consider the option of mirrored cabinets so that you can maximise storage without adding to the overall bulk of the vanity. A minimal design will help you expand the space. You can look for simple finishes, clean lines and understated hardware so that an uncluttered look can be created. Ornate or bulky vanities can overwhelm the space. And if you want to personalise the vanity instead of creating a minimal copy, you can choose to change the colour or add a unique mirror so that your personality can still be added to the overall design.

You have to maximise counter space

And this can be achieved by selecting a compact vanity that has a narrow profile and spacious countertop area. The trick is to have sufficient hidden storage so that you have enough space to keep grooming items, toiletries etc. You can also look into integrated sink options or vessel sinks that will sit on the vanity so that usable counter space can be maximised. There are lighting considerations as well. Especially in a small bathroom, lighting can make a big impact when creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. You need to look for bathroom vanities with integrated lighting features so that visibility is enhanced. You can also position the vanity close to a window so that you can maximise natural light.

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