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Workout Injuries and How to Prevent Them

In today’s day and age working out is an absolute must do in order to take care of not only ones’ physical wellbeing, but also for the mental health. With Covid and lockdowns, people around the world understood the importance of staying healthy and therefore home workouts and online workout classes became wildly popular across all age groups.

More often than not, these exercise sessions are not closely monitored by professionals or experts, and therefore the correct techniques can be overlooked if they are done on your own. Hence, it is crucial to know the most common injuries one might experience and how to prevent them and treat them; be it Pilates, yoga, high intensity interval training or even if you’re simply going for a run.

Achilles Tendonitis

Starting any type of exercise after a long period of time must be done gradually and methodically, however if someone decides to increase their intensity during running, or exercising and a sudden pressure is applied to your tendon too soon and too fast, one might get Achilies Tendonitis. It is the inflammation or the swelling of the ankles.

It can also be caused due to the repetitiveness of a certain movement that gives pressure to the calf muscle that leads up to the Achilies tendon. This can be prevented by carefully and gradually increasing the level of exercise, and rotating between exercises and muscle groups. Strengthening the calf muscles too could help in avoiding this painful injury.

Ankle Sprains

These are the most common type of injuries as Ankle sprains are not only limited to workout injuries. Ankle sprains could occur during fall at your workout session, landing awkwardly on your feet during a jump, twisting your leg when lifting a weight, or even if somebody else accidentally steps on your feet.

While it is absolutely common, it is also one of the most painful injuries, as it results in stretches and tears in the ligaments. While rest is what’s needed for a sprained ankle, if the pain is severe and the swelling doesn’t reduce, meeting a doctor is advisable. There are a handful of places that offer professional ankle pain management in Dandenong and if you live around the area, be sure to visit a place that offers treatments.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbows or golf elbows are common among those who play sports. It occurs when the elbow is used excessively for repetitive and common movements for a long period of time. This happens when the tendons near the elbow are overused. As the name suggests while it is common among golf players and tennis players, it is not only limited to sportsmen.

Tennis elbows could also occur among individuals who do repetitive movements with their elbows and wrists such as painters or carpenters. In order to prevent this injury, it is advised to always warm up and stretch before a game, and avoid using heavy equipment without a gradual increase for the muscles.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This injury is caused by sudden and repetitive wrist movements. It can occur to anyone doing simple exercises such as planks, push-ups, pull-ups or even a simple yoga pose that involves your wrists and palms.

It happens when there is a significant amount of pressure on median nerve. Proper warm up exercises, along with deep stretching can easily avoid Carpal Tunnel syndrome. Further sudden jerky movements, and balancing the workout session or exercise between hands will also help in keeping away from such injuries.

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