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What To Do When You’re Struggling with Infertility

Not all are comfortable enough to talk about infertility. No matter how much we have progressed as a society, infertility is still somehow a taboo topic and women and men struggling with it feels they are somehow lacking if they are the infertile one.

Feeling and thinking that you are alone struggling with infertility makes the situation much worse. This is not the case and if only talking about infertility is no longer considered to be taboo, people would realize that the experience is more common and therefore something prevalent and it happens in almost one out of every eight couples that are trying.

If you are struggling with infertility, the first thing you have to do is to find someone to talk about it with along with the following:

Stop blaming

When it comes to infertility, the most common cause is that one of the couples is infertile although in some cases, both couples have issues. If your situation is the first one, you should stop blaming yourself or stop blaming your partner. You are in this together and blaming one another or oneself would only make you divided instead of dealing with the issue together and finding other means to resolve the problem.

Avoid toxic people

You would be hearing a lot of questions and comments on when you will get pregnant or when you will start having babies. This is the problem with some people who are insensitive or who does not know if you are struggling with infertility or not. If they are not someone you are close with, you don’t owe them an explanation. But if they are family or friends, you could at least inform them. If they keep up with it, avoid them. They are not good for your mental health.

Consider other means

When you start researching about infertility, you would read a thousand and one advices on how to get pregnant successfully. There are some success stories because of this. There are other means such as fertility naturopath services in Melbourne.

Although it is not a 100% guarantee, you would have that sense of fulfillment or hope that you are doing something to help you achieve your dream of becoming a parent. Some of these means have scientific basis and numerous studies have been conducted to prove its effectivity. Who knows it might be the answer to your struggle? If it is not, you just need to try other means that work.

Stop worrying

Infertility is not only the difficulty to conceive. It also includes staying pregnant. Most women who struggled getting pregnant and might have experienced miscarriages would not stop worrying once they found out they’re pregnant because they could not help but agonize because they might miscarry again. If this situation applies to you, try to lessen your concern. It is difficult and unavoidable given the circumstances, but you have to remember that worrying would only do you more harm.

Don’t bottle everything up. Chances are your family, friends and partner would want to be part of your struggle. They just don’t know how. Let them in and help them understand what you are going through.

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