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The role of a sports physiotherapist

Sports Physiotherapists are involved in the prevention and rehabilitation of accidents arising from involvement in sport and exercise at all ages and at all stages of expertise. These trained physiotherapists offer evidence-based guidance on healthy involvement in sports and exercise. In addition, they encourage individuals to lead an active lifestyle to help people develop and sustain their quality of life. Sports and Fitness Physiotherapists also play a significant role in supporting athletes of all ages and at all stages of skill to boost their performance.

What are their qualifications?

A sports physio is a licensed physiotherapist who has completed additional studies after obtaining a degree in physiotherapy-in which students obtain an understanding of the functional, structural and neurological dimensions of human shape and activity. They work in a vast variety of settings but most commonly they work with athletes. But they often work with amateur athletic settings and professional sports, working and traveling alongside elite individual athletes or clubs, and coordinating their services with other care practitioners, trainers, strength and fitness personnel and other support staff. Therefore, if you are a sportsman a sports physio will give you the motivation and energy to feel at 100% for your next game. But still, they have private therapy centers where you could visit for your bodily problems.  

What is the importance of getting sports physiotherapy?

Healing and preventing injuries are one of the most common practice of a sports physio. When you visit a physio, you will be carefully examined. Next, there will be few questions to assess your past experience, current position and future priorities. The physio will also conduct a physical examination and get a clearer understanding of how you walk and recognised any deficiencies that might need to be fixed. If a diagnosis is made, the physio can lay out a clear plan to help you meet your goals and avoid injury. 

Moreover, another common issue individual experience is bodily aches due to bad posture. One of the most common causes for persistent body and headaches in employees is bad posture. With that in mind, a physio can help you develop a better understanding of your position, provide advice on your job, and improve the function of your posture and physiques so that you can prevent those nagging pains in body. Generally, a physio can create unique techniques to improve your postural muscles and help you through your recovery process.

Apart from that, a physio will customize a suitable therapeutic plan according to your problems such as difficulties in stretching and flexibility, physical/motor limitations, recovering from hip/knee surgery, post-partum exercise conditioning and etc.

Choosing a physiotherapist

When you are looking for a physiotherapist, be sure that they meet with all of the above discussed requirements to guarantee that they are professionals and that they are specialized in the type of the physiotherapist treatments that you need. When you do, you can always go ahead and get the best in terms of treating your body to give its best.

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