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Smile Wide: Don’t Shy Away

Everyone wishes for a perfect set of teeth, but somehow, all we are left with is the chipped and crooked tooth! It could be due to the fall in our childhood days or the knock on the cavities have made the tooth way too weak.

That is one common problem we have, and the other is to claim snow-white teeth! Sooner or later, we try to use every whitening product just to see no effective results. Thus, we end up wishing for the perfect teeth we keep seeing in our social profiles.However, don’t lose hope! You, too, can get that kind of excellent teeth set by undergoing a dental procedure, known as the veneers.

What is a veneer?

In brief, a veneer is a thin layer of porcelain that is attached to your teeth. Hence, it is a permanent treatment, which hides the original colour, position, and shape of the tooth. Here’s the good news, you can do veneers for a single tooth or the whole lower or upper set of teeth.

Though, one needs to be specific on what kind of veneer they need. Thus, when you give a proper brief to the doctors, they are able to suggest the best veneer solution that would suit your mouth.

How to be sure you have chosen the right dental?

One needs to be extremely sure of their choice of dental before beginning the procedure.

As much as it is aesthetic, porcelain veneers are a demanding and risky procedure.

Here are some points to keep in mind.

  • Go to highly recommended dental surgeons.
  • Discuss your issue with your regular dentist and get advice
  • Check the portfolio of before and after work of your surgeons. Thus, it helps to have an idea of their type of work.
  • Do a little research on the topic before the appointment visit.

It can seem all intricate and exciting, but once a wrong decision is made- it can worsen the situation.

How long does it take to do the veneers?

Undoubtedly, it is not a single day’s work. It is a procedure with a few smaller processes, that come together to give the final outlook.

Hence, it would take a couple of appointments before you have that smiley, perfect set of teeth!

Initially, the process begins by understanding the patient’s requirements and observing them as a whole. Then, a temporary veneer is made out of a liquid. Hence, this is done to give an impression of what the final look would look-like.

Once approved by the patient, the veneer plan is finalized. Thus, it means more moulds, more photographs, and more X-rays. Hence, then from a range of options, the perfectly suiting mould is sent to the chemist to duplicate it with porcelain. Ta-da! Once your veneer is ready, it is fixed to your natural teeth, and now, indeed, you have a promising smile!

The advancement of technologies and medical science has stepped up to a new level. Now, with easy accessibility and innovative solutions, one can get any treatment with ease.

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