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Retrofitting Clothes For Breastfeeding Is A Thing Of The Past

During my new mum days, I was always struggling with the challenge of finding clothes that would suit my postpartum body while allowing me to breastfeed easily – and be comfortable at the same time. This is the very reason I made the decision to use my pattern cutting skills to design a complete line of clothing items for nursing mothers. 

In the past, new mums were often unable to find fashionable and user-friendly clothes to wear when they are breastfeeding, and they’d attempt to modify off-the-rack instead. 

Styles For New-Mum-Figures

Few mums escape pregnancy and giving birth without developing what is affectionately known as a ‘postpartum body’. There are just too many bodily changes involved for everything to immediately return to it’s original shape and size after pregnancy. So in taking into account the particular features of the postpartum body, along with the need for comfort and easy breastfeeding, I fired up my creative juices and addressed each of the following issues in Peachymama designs: 

  • Fuller Bust Line: When your baby has been delivered, that fuller chest is going to serve as more function than form. We want clothing that provides total comfort for our breasts without drawing too much attention toward them, while at the same time providing for easy feeding.
  • The tops I’ve designed come in styles ranging from tees and tanks to pretty tie front tops that make breastfeeding convenient while offering a correct fit for your fuller bust line – without being too clingy or over exposing your cleavage.
  • Tummy Troubles: That tummy sparks a bit of a self conscious streak in just about all of us, often tempting us to reach for our baggy pants and sweatshirts. While these items may be comfortable, the majority of us doubt that we’re looking our best when we’re out wearing trackies. 

The clothing I’ve designed serves two purposes. First, in order to soften tummy lines, Peachymama has several styles of high-waisted pants. Secondly, through pretty solids, funky patterns, minimal flaring, our nursing dresses and breastfeeding tops draw focus away from the tummy area and help you to breastfeed easily, feel good and look great. 

Peachymama clothing is designed exclusively for new mums, but each item gives a very definite nod to current fashion trends. There is no longer any need to retrofit your clothes for breastfeeding comfort.

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