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How to Protect Your Business from COVID-19

Huge changes have taken effect in workplaces and business establishments since the outbreak of the coronavirus. From changes in work routine and the way businesses do their trade, today feels like a different world than the one we grew up in.

Since this terrible virus has been with us for a while now, people are already getting used to the new protocols to keep them safe. Almost everyone is already calmer compared to the first time the pandemic broke out. Many of us are already knowledgeable about the things we need to do such as wearing PPE to keep ourselves and our family safe from the virus.

If you’re planning to start a business these days, there are several steps that you should follow to keep yourself, your employees and also your customers protected. Keep these tips always in mind and be sure to implement all these steps in your establishment.

Encourage Frequent Hand-Washing

Hand washing is the first step in preventing the spread of any viruses. Encourage everyone in your business establishment to wash their hands regularly upon entering the place and as they do their daily tasks. Wash hands with soap and water, lathering and rubbing all the surfaces for about 20 seconds.

It is also best to discourage people from touching anywhere in their face especially if they’re not sure if their hands are clean. You can help them remember this habit by placing signs around the area especially on key locations such as the bathroom and food preparation spaces. You may also allocate hand sanitiser stations around the area for a quick disinfection.

Perform Regular Deep Cleaning

Frequent cleaning in your building is important to keep harmful viruses out of your place. Be sure to clean all the areas, focusing on spots that are most used or touched by people. These areas are the workstations, lobby, countertops, public spaces, doorknobs, phones, and all other similar areas and things. Use cleaning agents that are proven to kill viruses and follow the label accordingly for proper usage. You can also distribute disinfectant wipes to your employees so they can wipe down commonly used things.

Encourage Sick Employees to Stay at Home

At the start of your business operations, be sure to orient your employees first especially about the health protocol you are implementing in your business. If they are more knowledgeable about it, they know what to do on certain situations.

For instance, if they are sick, encourage them to stay at home instead of pushing them to work. Teach them how to determine the signs and symptoms of corona and how to distinguish it from other illnesses. If they suspect that they have it, they should get it checked immediately for proper diagnosis, treatment management, and isolation as well to cut the spread of the virus.

Keeping your establishment safe from corona is important if you’re running a business these days. Although there is a lot of tedious health protocols that need to be followed, you should uphold it all to keep everyone safe in your business.

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