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How to Benefit from Schema Therapy

Schema therapy has been found beneficial for dealing with different emotional requirements. There are many people that use negative coping skills in their day to day life and this can affect the quality of their interpersonal relationships and their mental state. There are many unmet emotional needs that can be addressed with schema therapy.

If you are wondering what is schema therapy, it is a new form of therapy that is a combination of psychoanalysis cognitive behavioural therapy, emotion focused therapy etc. It integrates several elements of therapy modes to understand and treat mental health concerns that can be hard to treat using other methods. You will be able to work with a therapist to understand your schemas. These are unhelpful patterns that are developed by people at young ages when their emotional needs as a child are not met. These schemas have a concrete effect on your adult life as well and they can give rise to negative coping methods and behaviours. You will be able to understand what you require in an emotional sense and how to meet those requirements in a healthy way.

With dysfunctional patterns of behaviour, your entire life can be altered negatively. Once you identify these negative patterns, you will be able to actively work towards adjusting them. This will require a shift in the way you think as well. It can take some time to reap the rewards of this therapy form but it can be a holistic treatment method that can make a big difference in your life. Once you understand yourself better, you can find ways of meeting your emotional needs in a healthy way. The four aspects of the schema therapy model are emotional needs, coping styles, schemas and modes. It works to undo the effect of problematic childhood experiences on adult behaviour. To become a healthy and happy adult, there are certain emotional requirements that need to be met. These needs include love and affection, safety, shelter, acceptance and guidance.

Once you identify your schemas and coping styles, you will be able to change the patterns of how you feel and how you behave. There can be times when your needs are not met but with therapy, you will be able to learn coping methods that are helpful. There are many techniques used in this form of therapy that assist people to navigate their relationships with other people and themselves. You will be able to minimise the hold or power that original learnings from formative experiences have on your life. With time, you will be able to dispel the power these experiences have on you completely. You will be able to appreciate your self-worth and understand how to create and nurture healthy relationships. There are many people that can benefit from schema therapy. Those that engage in criminal behaviour can look at their life closely to understand what caused them to behave in such a way and find ways to free themselves of the power of these childhood experiences. This form of therapy is also beneficial for those experiencing anxiety, chronic depression, post-traumatic stress, relationship issues etc.

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