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Bulk Billing Pathology Onsite : Dorevitch Pathology
Children’s Health: 6 week baby check is an example.
Immunisations for children and adults including travel vaccinations. Reminders will be set up for patients to be reminded about next immunisation.
Diabetes Management; Type 2 diabetes can be fully managed by Chirnside Park Family Doctors. Type 1 can be managed in coordination with specialist.
..Antenatal care is provided. Implanon insertion and removal certified doctors available.Women’s & Men’s Health; male and female GPs available.
Chronic Condition Management;
Asthma, osteoarthritis, Ischemic heart disease, Chronic heart failure, Osteoporosis, complicated hypertension, diabetes, hepatitis B and C, morbid obesity are some examples. Care plans and allied health( physiotherapy, dietitian, podiatry, exercise physiologist etc) referrals can be arranged for eligible patients through Medicare.
Minor Surgery:
including but not limited to Toenail partial removal for ingrown toenail, skin lesion removals including skin cancers, cyst and skin lump ( including lipoma) removals, steroid injections to joints and skin ( alopecia). Bursitis related steroid injection. Steroid injection as conservative treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. Cryotherapy procedures for warts, molluscum and skin tags and precancerous lesions known as sun spots or solar keratoses.
Ear syringing by automatic power controlled electric machine.
Pap smears if requested by female GP.
Selected fracture and dislocation management All services bulk billed.
Home visits to patients who are in reasonable distance.


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