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Common Dental Problems and Solutions

Hygiene of the mouth is important. The smile is one of the most attractive features of a person. To have a confident smile the maintenance of teeth is important not only for this reason but also for the overall well-being of the body. Bad teeth hygiene will have food particles that are lodged which will be attacked by bacteria and damages the teeth leading to cavities and yellowing of the teeth.

Some common oral problems are:

Tooth Decay/ Cavities

Tooth decay or cavities occur when there is damage to the surface leading to the formation of holes on. These are caused because of the build-up of plaque due to consumption of food high in sugar and starch, bacteria’s love to feed on the sugar content and lead to the wearing off of the teeth. Gradually it is leading to formation of cavities that would require fillings by Fitzroy north dentist.

Preventing tooth decay is quite easy because the main cause of tooth cavities and decay is the diet, consumption of food containing high amount of sugar is the main culprit therefore reducing the sugar intake will be very useful in preventing this.

Following a good dental hygiene is also equally important; brush your teeth after you consume food at least twice a day, rinse your mouth with water and if you aren’t able to do so drink plenty of water and visit the dentist regularly.

Main symptoms of tooth cavities are tooth ache, increased sensitivity, pain when eating or drinking something sweet, visible holes on the surface of the teeth, when you experience symptoms like this it is best to book an appointment with the dentist.

Gum Diseases

Gum diseases are much common in adults and they usually develop in three stages starting from gingivitis, this stage is reversible if this stage is not treated it can progress to a much more serious problem called periodontal disease, which if not treated may progress to advanced periodontal disease which can lead to falling of the tooth. It has been observed that adults around 35-44 years have serious periodontal disease and by the time they are 50 they lose most of their teeth.

Adults develop gum related issues main one being bad breath which goes unnoticed because most get used to this smell, other symptoms include bleeding gums, bad breath despite having a good oral hygiene, swollen or red tender gums, loose teeth and pus around the teeth the latter symptoms indicate a serious periodontal disease for which you have to receive treatment immediately.

This condition results due to the diet and bad oral hygiene which can be prevented by cleaning your teeth and maintaining good oral hygiene.

Dry Mouth

This result because of lack of production of saliva, this is called xerostomia. Saliva is important because it is having antibacterial properties. Those on particular medications and receiving chemotherapy are at high risk. Common symptoms are bad breath, chapped lips and mouth sores. Although there is no absolute cure drinking water is important to maintain hydration.

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